Kakeyow Cowboys Rodeo Association

We see our association as playing a significant and highly visible role in demonstrating the unity of our two communities (native and non-native) through the genuine fellowship which has always been the 'hallmark' of rodeo contrary to the 'Hollywood myth' that "Cowboys and Indians" were always opposed. The reality was and is still that together these two cultures have combined to become one "Cowboys and Indians" and are the principal 'icon' defining the colorful culture of the 'West'. This proud heritage draws on long revered traditions of courage, skill, competition, honor, respect and independence that find expression and manifestation in the rodeo arena. These traditional virtues learned in the rodeo arena can serve anyone well in the arena of life and therefore provide an invaluable service to our youth and community ~ Mission Statement


Memberships must be purchased the Friday prior to entry dates, by 3pm

 New Fees for 2017

  • Administration fee$6.00
  • Admin fee(finals) $3.00 per event, you have entered
  • Gate fee $5.00 for seniors and juniors
  • Gate Fee is free  for peewee (11yrs and under)
  • Open Team roping $50.00-includes $5 stock charge
  • Ladies barrels $46.00-includes $1 timer fee
  • All other open events $45.00
  • Junior barrels $26.00-includes$1 timer fee
  • All other junior events $25.00
  • Peewee barrels $11.00-includes $1 timer fee
  • All other peewee events $10.00
  • $25.00 insurance fee will be added,for all local entries


You will find the membership form in the FORMS section for you to download!

Please remember to attach a copy of birth certificates for all junior and pee wee members.

  • Open Membership $150.00
  • Youth Membership $50.00
  • PeeWee Memberships $25.00
  • First time Open rough stock members $20.00

Age Categories

16 years as of January 1st of the current year
  • Junior Steer Riding
15 years as of January 1st of the current year
  • Junior Team Roping
  • Junior Girls Barrel Racing
  • Junior Breakaway
11 year as of January 1st of the current year
  • Pee Wee Barrel Racing
  • PeeWee Team Roping
  • Pee Wee Steer Riding

The KCRA has 2 options on how to purchase your membership

Complete the membership form

  • juniors and peewees must attach a copy of age verification (birth certificate,health care,passport)

Mail to:

RR1Box 18
Sonningdale,SK S0K4B0

Email completed membership form, and age verification


Email to:

KCRA Secretary

Entransfer payment to kcrasecretary@gmail.com.......in comments leave your name, and details of membership, this must be done the same day,with the below security question and answer or we will not process the membership.

2017 security question

What rodeo association



Thank you

Alison Ellis